Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gotta take a break

It looks like I will have to take a break for a while. I'm having surgery on Monday and will be laid up for a while. I don't know how much blogging I'll be up for doing. I just got this one going, as it seems to be easier for everyone to access it, rather than the Yahoo 360 account, which appears to require the viewer to sign up for their own 360 account. I hate pages that require that, like the Kodak pages. I'd like to see people's photos, but I don't want to have to create an account to do it!
So this page needs a lot of work yet. Maybe after I'm doing better I can get to it.
Wish me luck on Monday.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Deb At her loom

This is me working at one of my looms. One of my favorite places to be.

Take a little trip

Here's a shot from our little trip out of Saxon Harbor, WI. We paddled up toward Little Sisters Point, MI, about 5 miles. Saw some beautiful palisades and rock formations, the water on Lake Superior was like glass so we could see to the bottom down to about 60 feet. It was a great trip. On the way back, I saw a line moving toward us from the horizon. As it got closer, I knew it was a wake wave from who knew where as we didn't see or hear any ships go by. We turned into it, mostly so we could really see what was coming, and it was a short series of rolls almost 3 feet high! Very Cool! Later we asked a Park Ranger what would have caused it, she told us it was from a ore boat/barge that had gone by, probably miles & miles away. It just took awhile to get to us. Amazing.

Small Farm Life & Kayaking

So here's my new Blog! I'm hoping this one will be easier for others to access, the other has/had an web-dress long enough to make you choke. Here I'll post the goings on at my little farm, my studio, and some of the kayaking adventures (a recent addition to my lifestyle) we've done. Funny how 2 very different areas can equate to the same thing for me: peace & the feeling of being centered. They all have their ups & down, but isn't that just life?