Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Northwoods Art Tour 2010

It was a great tour season, LOTS of visitors came. Again, there are now more new spinners and weavers in the world; so many people left excited and eager to get started! I knew of several looms for sale in the area, and phone numbers were given, after following up on them, about half of the looms were purchased by my visitors!! Spread that Fiber Arts virus!
Nothing else I know can bring the internal peace and self satisfaction of fiber arts. My best moments of my days are spent in my studio; it's like a whole different world there. The music is playing in the background, the sounds of equipment engaged, the warm, earthy smell of the fibers laying about the place. It's my little piece of heaven. Come on by sometime and hang out for a while.
Remember, if the light on the porch is on, then I'm working inside. And that means come on in. You are always welcome.

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