Thursday, December 30, 2010



I can feel our time slipping away.
Time is a tangible thing.
You can hold it in your hand
Like sand.
But like sand, it slips away
between your fingers.
You can clutch at it,
Try to grasp it within your fist.
But eventually, it will all get away.

I treasure the time we share.
Each moment we have together
Is precious to me.
I want to hold each memory
Gently In my hand.
To gaze on them, and cherish them.
To string them together
Like pearls.

When we are apart, as we often are,
I will look at my pearls.
As I hold each one, I will see you.
I will see our time.
And remember all the moments we shared.
And I will hold time, our time,
In my hand, and feel peace.

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