Monday, November 17, 2008

This Year's Lambs, 2008

I found this great photo of all my lambs for 2008. As you can see I had a good number of dark ones, only one is a true black. The others are moorit (brown), and one is really gray with black tips. Just like her mom was. She'll shear out to gray most likely.
There was one katmoget this year, a ewe lamb gray with black. She got snapped up right quick by a local shepherd. It's always nice to see them go off to good homes.
I know I can't keep them all, and I've had to do some serious culling, about half go in the freezer and the others head off to new homes.
I really should get out to the pasture and take some new photos. Everyone's fleece have grown back for winter and still look nice & tidy. That would make for some nice posts.

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