Saturday, February 28, 2009

Machine Knit Socks

Machine Knit Socks: I used sock yarn, which is rather fine

Cuff: Lock (carriage) on right side of machine. Bring 70 needles forward into rest position. Open the latches.

I used a 2-1-2 ribbing, other wise, push every other needle back into the neutral position, for 2-1-2=2 needles forward, one back, etc..

Cast on to the remaining needles, and bring to Yarn Receiving Position.

Set row counter to 000.

Knit for 24 rows, then bring forward the Neutral Position needles into the working position. Turn up edge & loop onto the needles that have been brought forward, so now you have a complete row of 70 working needles.

Reset row counter to 000.

Leg: Knit for about 110 rows or till desired length, I usually want about 8” for the ankle.

Now we’ll get ready to knit the instep (the part of the sock that is on top of your foot).

With lock on right side, using a contrasting length of scrap yarn, manually knit 3 rows onto the far left 17 needles, remove from those 17 needles. Push lock to left, and repeat on right side, with the far right 17 needles; then push lock to right.

Now you have 36 needles in the working position. Knit to desired length from ankle to base of toes, I need 80 rows or about 6”. Then it’s time to shape the toe!

Toe: start to decrease, one stitch from each side, till row counter is at 28 and there are 8 stitches left in working position, (that’s the top of your toes).

Start to increase, one stitch from each side, till counter is at 56. (That was the bottom of your toes).

Sole: Knit for the same number of rows you used for the instep, (mine is 80 row, or 6”). NOW it’s time to turn that heel.

Heel: As you did for toe, decrease one stitch each side, for 26 rows, till there are 10 stitches in working position. Then increase back till there are 36 working stitches, row counter should be at 56. Knit one more row, then with contrasting yarn, run 3 rows. Remove sock from machine.

Stitching Time:

First you need to stitch together the leg tube, use your preferred method. I use mattress stitch as I can get the seam to lay flat. Then bring the heel with the scrap yarn and the bottom edge of leg/ankle tube with its scrap yarn together and using a kitchner stitch, grafting the edges together, cleanly. You should be able to pull the scrap yarns out. Join the sole to the instep. You are done! If needed, you can slip a piece of elastic through the cuff for extra support, I’ve never needed it.

NOW! Do this all again so you have 2 socks.

You will need to adjust your stitch counts to suit your foot and the type of yarn you’re using, adding or subtracting stitches &/or rows as needed to fit.

Good luck & happy knitting.


Roz said...

Hi, i just got a passap speed o knit but the instructions are in french. No good for me, i can't read french. Could you send me a copy of your manual or tell me where to down load one. Thanks Sherii

Laurie said...

On another site you mention that you have a manual for the Speed-o-knit. How could we go about getting a copy?

Laurie Page

alice reeves said...

I just got a speed o knit but alas no instructions. I am hoping that you would be willing to share a copy of yours with me. Thank you for your time. Alice